River Transport

The Port of Banjul, managed and operated by The Gambia Ports Authority, is located on the estuary of the River Gambia, 26 nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes to International Shipping Traffic. The Port has a deep sheltered Anchorage and is navigable from the Atlantic to as far as 300 kilometers into the heart of the Country. It has been recognized over the years as one of the safest and most efficient seaport in West Africa.

Strategically positioned within the Atlantic Trade Triangle, the Port of Banjul serves as the central hub to the ECOWAS market, a population of over 300 million. In addition, all major business centers in the EU and the Americas can be accessed from Banjul within a week by sea. With a total quay length of 750 meters; 38,000 square meters of uncovered and 3,000 square meters of covered storage area and a minimum permissible draft of 8.5 meters at low water spring, Banjul Port has the capacity to handle up to 1.5 million tonnes The Port is well known in the Sub region for its simplified cargo documentation procedures and flexible tariff system. The opportunities provided by greater use of containerisation and an optimal utilisation of equipment have resulted in high rate of productivity and profitability in recent years. ..The Port of Banjul offers a wide range of services which include:

  • 24 hours Pilot age services
  • Onboard Stevedoring
  • Maintenance of Aids to Navigation
  • Maintenance of Navigational Channels & Approaches to Berths
  • Shore Cargo Handling

Facilities at the Banjul Port include:

  • 8,550 sq m bonded warehousing facility for value added activities
  • Storage facilities for imports and exports
  • A shipyard with two slipways of 500 & 250 GRT + Ancillary
  • Maintenance of vessels up to 500 gross tons

The GPA has undertaken to review its Master Plan in order to prepare the Port to take on the challenges in the shipping industry. The proposed master plan covers the following;

  • Rehabilitation of the North and South Terminals
  • Basic Yard and Jetty Extensions Phase 1 (one) by 200 meters
  • Procurement of a second Tug Boat and another ferry.
  • Dredging of the Access Channel to encourage bigger vessels and cruise liners.
  • A comprehensive Ports Computerisation program

GPA is interested in a Joint venture / Strategic Alliance in Infrastructural development of the Port, its subsidiaries, Ferries and the Shipyard. In addition to the incentives provided by GIEPA in identified areas for investment, GPA provides special incentives in certain investment areas within this sector The country’s navigable river is a great potential for investment which is currently really underutilized. The Investment opportunities that can be exploited include; ferry / vessels linking, Banjul and up-country to facilitate movement of goods and people to urban centers, Tourist Boats for sightseeing and river crusing, etc. For more information about The Gambia Ports Authority, please visit their website:  www.gamports.com